PAF Sin Miedos Sin Tabu Podcast Carnavales & Febrero Loco (moco)

En este episodio hablamos sobre los Carnavales, los aprendizajes de la vida, la artista del año, como curar el chaki, y como aprender de las caídas.

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The Conflict in Northern Ireland, UK

My trip to Ireland and personal perception of the Conflict in Northern Ireland

 The conflict in Northern Ireland is complex and difficult to define. By simply having a peace agreement between Protestant and Catholics there is no guarantee of peace or the end of conflict. In Belfast, the religious identity is a sensitive topic because people are identified as Protestant or Catholic and both have their own interpretation about history and the conflict. Also, people reflect their own history through paintings (murals), some of them very radical, and finally both perceive that violence was a need to addressed through human rights movement. Continue reading “The Conflict in Northern Ireland, UK”

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Death Penalty in the US and a Personal Perspective

The book Oath Betrayed by Steven H. Miles is proof of how horrifically humans treat each other. The author follows acts of torture by the United States and gives details of places where torture was used to obtain information. In this case the book describes torture in Baghdad (Iraq), Kabul (Afghanistan) and Guantanamo Bay (Cuba) by U.S. forces. In the introduction to the book Miles makes the following statement, “The United States is a torturing society.” I agree with this statement for several reasons. Torture is anti-humanitarian; torture never guarantees the truth; and torture is not the best way to obtain information. Nonetheless, the U.S. uses this method. Continue reading “Death Penalty in the US and a Personal Perspective”