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Critical Thinking

“Imagine that 25,000 educated people want to be better informed. They read a book written by an expert who carefully researched a topic for six years. At the same time, 100 million people, who are just a little lazy, go out to watch an entertaining, glitzy 90-minutes movie on the same topic. The movie contains inaccurate and distorted information. Most people’s views and thinking are based on inaccurate and distorted information from the movie. Just because most people believe something is true does not make it true. A good reason for you to learn to think critically and to conduct research properly is so you do not follow what most other people think when it is wrong.”  Understanding Research. Neuman, W.L. (2009)



Journalist, writer and blogger. Passionated about justice and equal rights. Human rights activist. Alejandro has first-hand experience of Afro-Latin American's civil rights.

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